Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I Already Have a Doctor... What's a Health Coach Going to Do for Me?

So, by now, you may have heard of health coaching. It seems everyone and their mother has become a health coach. But, what does it really mean to work with a health coach? What can a coach do that your doctor can't?

For one thing, a health coach has time.  You know that pesky insurance rule that governs the amount of time you can spend with your doctor? A health coach doesn't have that problem. Furthermore, if you are at the doctor's office for a specific issue and something else pops into your mind that you have been meaning to talk about, oftentimes, the rules force your doctor to have to make a separate appointment to tackle the new issue.

A health coach is dedicated to talking about any health issues you have questions about and you get two hours per month to meet with your coach. Not only that, but you can email or call your coach in between appointments to ask any questions that come up as you are putting into practice the improvements you talk about during your appointments.

Your health coach can take the things your doctor has told you that you need to do and help you put them into practice. Maybe your doctor told you to lose weight, or cut down on sugar. That's great... but how? Your health coach will meet with you and take the time to put a plan into place. You can email in between appointments for encouragement, extra help and to ask questions.  

Some people hesitate to work with a coach because they think it will cost too much. Think about it, though... Have you gone out to eat this month? Did you grab takeout, doughnuts and coffee...? If you tossed the cost of those extras (not to mention they often help you stick to your unhealthy habits) toward a health coaching program, you will be investing in your long-term health and the formation of new healthy habits that will keep you feeling great a lot longer that your caramel macchiato and maple doughnut will.

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Happy Healthing!